Hard Slide

Hard Slide        
Les Kossatz (b. 1943 – d. 2011)
Sheepskins, aluminium, wood, leather and steel, 1980.

TARBOT: the top sheep is like “oh F**K”

CROE: it does look uncomfortable
though perhaps a nice back massage
the ports in and out make it look like a sequence of similar rooms, one after another

TARBOT: yeah
at first I was wondering if the top sheep and bottom sheep was the same… sheep
real sheepskins, btw
(yay taxidermy)

CROE: so it’s lifesize?
(yes, it’s about 3 x 4 meters)
baaaaahh clunk cuhlunk cuhlunk-lunk-lunk-lunk-lunk

it’s supposed to speak something in regards to/ about the Australian land
(the artist is Australian)
but I didn’t realize sheep were big down there

CROE: i’m now reading about rogue taxidermy

TARBOT: hahahaha
I dunno what that is, but it sounds funny

CROE: it’s stuffing things like “jackalope and the skvader, extinct species, mythical creatures such as dragons, chimeras, griffins, unicorns or mermaids, or may be entirely of the maker’s imagination. Some are made from parts of more than one kind of animal, or they may be artificially created. ”

TARBOT: oh so it’s like when artists paint creatures made out of different animal parts only … this is in 3d

CROE: and perhaps using actual body parts
hehheh, just wait til last post’s artist learns about this



Your monsters are just like mine

Your monsters are just like mine        
Gehard Demetz (b. 1972)
Wood, 2006.

CROE: from some angles, it looks like it could be part of a childhood game
from other angles not so much

it’s made out of wood
though not sure about the yellow bit
looks like plastic
but maybe it’s just paint
the face is really well sculpted out of the wood though
strong emotion!

CROE: what emotion do you see?
she kind of looks like she’s listening to instructions with her eyes closed

TARBOT: yeah it looks like she’s waiting, listening for something
this is called
“Your monsters are just like mine”

CROE: huh
it makes it more disturbing
but i still don’t know what it means

TARBOT: I know! isn’t it utterly fascinating?
from his site:
One of the most startling technical features is the construction using small woodblocks and juxtaposing finely polished parts to very rough and sketchy surfaces. This particular construction and treatment render his sculptures absolutely unique in the domain of contemporary wood sculpture and is partly responsible for the great curiosity aroused by the appearance of his work in the art world.
so I guess that explains that part.
in which case it’s just part of the way he does his art, but still unsure as to what it means
at first I’d say she’s “decomposing” or “disappearing” because of the gaps
the yellow tape is reminiscent of the police tape “do not cross”
maybe it’s that she feels restrained, trapped, has no freedom
children can feel that way, especially if they’re growing up in difficult circumstances/environment
but so can adults
so maybe that’s what the title is referring to
regardless of who’s looking at her, everyone is afraid of being restricted, having their freedom taken away