Nouvelle Pomme Bouche

Nouvelle Pomme Bouche        
Claude Lalanne (b. 1924)
Bronze, 2008.

CROE: in English, new apple mouth

TARBOT: well I’ve heard of apple bottoms…
not sure what an apple mouth is

CROE: lol

TARBOT: it’s somehow a bit meta…
cause mouths eat apples
so for a mouth to be part of an apple
is… strange
is it a photoshopped image or an actual sculpture?

CROE: an actual sculpture, for a change
out of bronze

TARBOT: why work in that medium

CROE: it’s like gold, but less expensive
i must say the idea of biting into a metal apple is not very appetizing
my teeth hurt just thinking about it

TARBOT: oooh! you’re right
I just tried it, too!
thinking about it
not … actually biting into a metal apple

CROE: kissing a metal mouth…also not such a fun thought…even if it were made of gold
hmm, golden apples sound familiar

TARBOT: “Romanian: PrĂ¢slea the Brave and the Golden Apples, Romanian, where the thief is not a bird but a zmeu
“It likes beautiful young girls, whom it kidnaps, usually for the purpose of marrying them.”
what a noble creature…. lol


Cake of Bad Feng Shui

Cake of Bad Feng Shui        
Scott Hove (b. before 1985)
Acrylic and Mixed Media on Polyurethane Foam, 2010

TARBOT: oh good god
“In Mother Russia, you don’t eat cake. Cake eats you!!”

CROE: rawr

TARBOT: that’s a painting?
no it’s a …
3-d cake look a like right?

CROE: some of it is paint
yeah, it’s 3-d. there’s foam involved

TARBOT: this one reminds me of the alien in … Alien

CROE: did you see the mouth within a mouth

TARBOT: yes, um, that’s why the reference to the alien… from Alien

CROE: right
it sold for $3,800


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Not so crazy fish

Not-so-crazy fish        
Renae Taylor, b. 1974
Sculpture, date unknown

TARBOT: it’s … definitely crazy
I’ve never seen fish wear that much makeup

i kind of see a male fish in drag

well from the side view… it honestly looks like an … older woman with a generous double chin

CROE: yeah i see that
did you see the eyelashes?

TARBOT: totally fake.

CROE: i’m trying to figure out how to convey my outburst of laughter via im

TARBOT: heehee

CROE: my ass is still attached

TARBOT: a-hahahhaaha

CROE: or rather, my ass is still on

TARBOT: it’s interesting – the whole thing is so strange, but the execution of it is so good in many respects
the painting of it
it looks seamless
like, oh sure, fish like that totally exist
wait… no they don’t!

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