Gazebo By The Water

Gazebo By The Water        
Leonid Afremov (b. 1955)
Oil on Canvas, unknown.

CROE: so many colors!

TARBOT: I know, isn’t it absolutely delightful?
it makes me feel like I’m swimming in joy every time I look at it

CROE: it’s fun to look at from many distances, far away, and then zoomed in you can see all the spatula strokes, if that’s what they are called

TARBOT: yes, I love the bold strokes
it’s as if they bring motion and life to the whole thing

CROE: there’s a lot of different colors on each one
one thing that’s cool about it is the colors are so bright and vivid, yet it has a nighttime/evening feel
if you look in the reflection in the water of the structure with columns
there’s a yellow object

TARBOT: oooh, yeah
looks like there’s lots of different things in the reflections
that aren’t in the “real life” part of it
like near the center, in the water it looks much redder
but nothing really red on the ground to reflect it
just more white, green
something that looks like a gray box
so the artist
he utilizes knives
in his brush strokes

CROE: yeah?
like what kind of knives


CROE: well it’s not pointy
so i’m disappointed

they can be

CROE: that was what i was thinking of when i said spatula
in a vague sort of way


CROE: i wasn’t sure what they were called
if you look at the record, you’ll see that i did qualify my statement
unless i typed that, and deleted it
which is possible



Melissa Haslam (b. unknown)
Painting, unknown.

TARBOT: it’s called “Astray”

CROE: i first read ashtray

TARBOT: indeed!

CROE: i’m confused
by the innocence evoked by the white cats
and the see-through with the leg pose
is she supposed to be a “stray” woman/girl?

TARBOT: yeah, “Astray” is an interesting title…
either she takes in stray cats… but only white ones
or she’s a stray herself, too, OR —
they’re all astray i.e. all have morally questionable behaviour
such as… wearing see through clothes and climbing on trees with them
the “innocence” of the cats
could symbolize her virginity
the whole thing is sexually charged and not at the same time
reminds me a bit of a Japanese print
with the colors of the sky/background

CROE: the blossoms

TARBOT: “crazy cat lady” also comes to mind
though typically they’re not depicted as being this beautiful haha
hmm, white cats, they’re fairly rare right?
one would have to go out of one’s way to get one

CROE: i think so
but i’m having a hard time finding a census with kittycat demographic statistics

TARBOT: haha

TARBOT wonders, “What do you think, readers?”