Chewing in Venice

Chewing in Venice        
Simone Decker (b. 1968)
2 Series of 15 Photographs, 1999.

CROE: there are many in the series, but this one is my favorite
however, my first reaction was that it was ridiculous

TARBOT: ewwwwww
that’s not real gum is it?

CROE: i assumed it wasn’t
but i was really curious about such a gigantic sculpture was made to look like gum
i did some research. it actually IS real gum.
she put the gum close to the camera, and shot it to look big!

TARBOT: that’s fantastic.
what an odd… material to work with
I wonder where the inspiration came from
“My curator at the Venice Biennale told me a man came to him during the exhibition. He wanted to know if all the sculptures were installed within the city. He said that he had seen a few of the giant bubble-gum sculptures but wasn’t able to locate the rest.”



Armen Atoyan (b. circa 1985)
Food and Office Supplies May 2011

TARBOT: I’m going to state the obvious here
I think we now know the answer to the age-old question

CROE: and now i have my mother’s day card for next year

TARBOT: hahaha

CROE: how lazy of the artist to show us the back of the egg, so we have to do all the work and imagine a facial expression

TARBOT: on one hand
but on the other … he did cook an entire chicken

CROE: or he bought it from boston market
i’m having a difficult time believing that the egg has enough dexterity to write “to mother” with the hands that the artist has given him


TARBOT: great handwriting at that

CROE: clipwriting?

TARBOT: well … he’s got clips for hands…

CROE: i do like the choice of the wall color behind the scene
the color is egg yolk
it’s like, if for us, the color of the wall was blood

TARBOT: that’s fantastic.
well done, mr. Atoyan
well done
… um, no pun intended!

CROE: oyy