The Light Fantastic

The Light Fantastic        
Reid Southen (b. 1988)
Digital, unknown.

TARBOT: which planet would YOU want to live on?

CROE: it’s kind of hard to tell
i mean, we can only see the night side of the “small” one
i’d like to see it in full day-light before making any binding decisions, thank you very much

TARBOT: hehe
I wouldn’t be able to survive very long on the planet on the left
don’t know how to start fires
much less hunt / cook

CROE: but if you live on the green and blue planet, you get to stare at the pretty one with circles

TARBOT: the circles of light on that smaller planet *are* intriguing
don’t usually see such geometry expressed on Earth

CROE: i dunno, everyone always complains about traffic in the DC beltway
it’s kinda like I-95 around boston
but taken to extremes


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Can Not Prevent It, But There Is No Need To Prevent It         
Ryohei Hase (b. ~1982)
Digital, April 2007.

CROE: i feel like there needs to be an accompanying sound effect

TARBOT: what kind were you thinking?

CROE: well zap doesn’t seem to quite cut it
since it’s a rain storm, lightning seems like the obvious culprit
but i think lightning leaves more of charred mess.
this looks more like an alien space weapon
maybe they use the rainstorm as cover!

I was seeing it more as — either of two options:
1 – this woman lives in a desolate place
and feels like she’s about to burst into flames
just to feel some life

CROE: oooh i like number 1

TARBOT: or 2 –
the world is fine, but she’s not and feels like death is the best alternative
so she’s dying as the other people are going about their daily lives

CROE: ah, so she’s chosen to explode!
points for creativity!

TARBOT: spontaneous human combustion
it’s been known to occur
don’t let the “hearsay” bit fool you

CROE: i like all the details on her outfit, like her shoes! and the ruffles on the umbrella

TARBOT: I can barely make out her shoes

CROE: haha! i think my imagination was adding a lot to her shoes

“Can not prevent it, but there is no need to prevent it”
what do you think “it” is?

CROE: i don’t know!
i wondered if it was a mistranslation from the japanese?
well i mean, it could go with the lightning strike
but she didn’t mind
it combines our theories

TARBOT: I think you can make out part of her face
the lower half
she doesn’t seem to be screaming out in agony or anything like that :)

CROE: i think the way shes standing, purposefully
rather than walking
gives support to your hypothesis
either that, or she knew the aliens were coming

Fallen Angel, Tell me why

Fallen Angel, Tell Me Why        
Nell Fallcard (b. unknown)
Digital, 2011

TARBOT: yeah, I went for the easy “wings” theme… angels.
but on the up side, I’ve not usually seen chiseled men angels that often
usually it’s a woman, so that’s different :)

CROE: it feels very cobwebby
the way he’s pulling her heart out kinda makes her look like a christmas tree ornament

it seems like there’s a lot of … bloody heart stuff as he’s pulling it out — like, at the top part there
it’s very bizarre
I’d expect more blood all over her dress if there’s that much insides coming out!

CROE: seriously. blood isn’t strandy like that. did he pull out a a bunch of arteries too?
like unraveling a sweater?
thanks for your aorta as well
i’ll need that

TARBOT: he seems to be enjoying it too

CROE: yes

TARBOT: the white wings are deceiving
he LOOKS like a good angel
but jk.

CROE: his left fist is clenched

TARBOT: mmm and he’s got kind of a pissed off look
moral of the story?
never go alone with an angel on mountaintops?

CROE: if a guy asks lots of questions about the health of your heart, he may not just have a kind interest in your well-being. he might be in the market for a new one.

The Bridge

The Bridge        
Inga Nielsen (b. 1983)
Digital, 2008

CROE: two things jump out at me:
we’re pulled forward, into the light in the painting
but the bridge travels in the opposite direction. it doesn’t take us where we want to go
and there are only two spots of color: the red sash, and the yellow lantern

TARBOT: yeah I’m loving the lantern
and how she’s left it behind for the time being

CROE: the detail work in the ivy and vines is spectacular
but how come i see vulvas in so many women’s paintings?
the white waterfall/cave entrance

TARBOT: hahaha
I think you’re projecting
I see nothing of the sort

CROE: it reminds me of the cave in belize
the womb of creation

TARBOT: she’s certainly not well dressed for a day of hiking

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The Neverending Search

The Neverending Search, or         
The Unattainable Search For Perfection
David Ho (b. before 1980)
Digital, date unknown (circa 1999-2010)

TARBOT: there’s so much to work with here!
thinking outside the box
catching dreams
frogs to kiss into princes
feeling trapped
the background looks like canvas at the back of a theatre stage

CROE: it does!
the stars and moon also
like they were hung infront of the backdrop

TARBOT: yeah
it’s an interesting mood that the lighting and colors capture, too
not sad, but not happy either

CROE: it does seem like the color scheme could have been inspired by a piece of granite
the gray tones with a touch of gold
the frog on top of the rock is in a yoga pose
i initially said that jokingly
but now i realize the name of the pose is sun salutation


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VictoriAlien Romance

VictoriAlien Romance        
Jimmie Fisher (b. before 1985)
Digital, circa December, 2010

TARBOT: ok here we go

CROE: where is his face?

TARBOT: that is the billion dollar Q
maybe he had a powerful sneeze
could be what’s on her face…

CROE: ewwwwwwwwww

TARBOT: “worst date ever”

CROE: reminds me a bit of alien, the film


CROE: like, either his face could be blown off
or it’s turned into a big mouth

TARBOT: haha

CROE: ready to bite

TARBOT: “gives us a kissssss, precious!”

CROE: ewwwwwww

TARBOT: I bet that the original is floating out there somewhere… so the other question is — why did the artist decide to … alter it in this way?

CROE: perhaps it’s a psa for allergies?
take your claritin. or. else.

TARBOT: hahahahaha
“don’t let this happen to you. claritin.”

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