Pink Panther

Pink Panther by Jeff Koons

Pink Panther        
Jeff Koons (b. 1955)
Porcelain, 1988.

think she’s a mermaid?

CROE: maybe!
i hadn’t thought of that
i guess that might explain why a cat would hold on for dear life

TARBOT: yes, the PP does seem a bit spooked

CROE: you’d think he’d be a bit happier that close to her chest

TARBOT: well not all cats like to be picked up / held
though it is a bit odd that she’s half naked…
unless she IS a mermaid
in which case, it’d be ok

CROE: then she’s in her natural state

TARBOT: exactly

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Alien Abduction

Alien Abduction        
George Condo (b. 1957)
Paint, 1995.

it’s like … a nightmarish re-envisioning of the mona lisa
so the red stuff
that’s blood?
kinda reminds me of strawberry sauce
just ’cause the rest of it sorta has a slight cartoony feel
and I just had a Snickers
so sugar’s on my mind

CROE: maybe alien saliva tastes like strawberries
or maybe he’s coating his dessert (the lady) with strawberry sauce
he’s fixin’ up his gourmet alien feast

Nouvelle Pomme Bouche

Nouvelle Pomme Bouche        
Claude Lalanne (b. 1924)
Bronze, 2008.

CROE: in English, new apple mouth

TARBOT: well I’ve heard of apple bottoms…
not sure what an apple mouth is

CROE: lol

TARBOT: it’s somehow a bit meta…
cause mouths eat apples
so for a mouth to be part of an apple
is… strange
is it a photoshopped image or an actual sculpture?

CROE: an actual sculpture, for a change
out of bronze

TARBOT: why work in that medium

CROE: it’s like gold, but less expensive
i must say the idea of biting into a metal apple is not very appetizing
my teeth hurt just thinking about it

TARBOT: oooh! you’re right
I just tried it, too!
thinking about it
not … actually biting into a metal apple

CROE: kissing a metal mouth…also not such a fun thought…even if it were made of gold
hmm, golden apples sound familiar

TARBOT: “Romanian: Prâslea the Brave and the Golden Apples, Romanian, where the thief is not a bird but a zmeu
“It likes beautiful young girls, whom it kidnaps, usually for the purpose of marrying them.”
what a noble creature…. lol

40 Ounces of Personal Hygiene

40 Ounces of Personal Hygiene        
Kevin Peterson (b. 1980)
Oil on Canvas, 2009.

TARBOT: what …
going on?
so… gas station.
is that gas floating around or did a river overflow?
I can see why the man’s taken to drinking and smoking

CROE: so malt liquor comes in 40-ounce containers
i think he’s bathing in it
but why he has a pig-face, that i can’t tell you

TARBOT: the wrinkles on his face are frightening
wonder why there’s an empty jar
floating around

CROE: so the jar…
it’s closed and floating. it looks cleaner than everything else…
it’s floating away.
maybe it’s repulsed by the dude

TARBOT: what’s with the title? … is it saying this man HAS no personal hygiene
like, he peed in the water/gasoline?
as one does in a pool?

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Chewing in Venice

Chewing in Venice        
Simone Decker (b. 1968)
2 Series of 15 Photographs, 1999.

CROE: there are many in the series, but this one is my favorite
however, my first reaction was that it was ridiculous

TARBOT: ewwwwww
that’s not real gum is it?

CROE: i assumed it wasn’t
but i was really curious about such a gigantic sculpture was made to look like gum
i did some research. it actually IS real gum.
she put the gum close to the camera, and shot it to look big!

TARBOT: that’s fantastic.
what an odd… material to work with
I wonder where the inspiration came from
“My curator at the Venice Biennale told me a man came to him during the exhibition. He wanted to know if all the sculptures were installed within the city. He said that he had seen a few of the giant bubble-gum sculptures but wasn’t able to locate the rest.”

Le Violon d’Ingres

Le Violon d’Ingres (Ingres’s Violin)        
Man Ray (1890 – 1976)
Photographic Print of Paint on a Photographic Print, 1924.

CROE: it’s like photoshop. before there was photoshop.

interesting that she’s got a hat on
or a … turban
or something
classic female shape — good birthing hips
not entirely sure why those particular symbols

CROE: it’s like a violin…
also, the blurb suggests that the title, Le Violon d’Ingres, is a French idiom that means hobby, so playing the violin was Ingres’s hobby, and playing Ingres was the artist’s hobby…

I’m still confused by her hat
maybe she was having a bad hair day
and she insisted on wearing it
and he was like
*shrug * ok

CROE: especially given whatever activity they were likely partaking in immediately prior to the photo
i can see that her hair might not look at its best

TARBOT: hahahahaha

Self Portrait

Self Portrait        
Shaun Tan (b. 1974)
Oil, ~2003.

TARBOT: that’s pretty cool
I like meta-stuff
wondering what all the birds are about
bird lover maybe?

CROE: maybe. it seems like pigeons or sparrows would be more likely on a city street
but i prefer the revision of reality to bright orange cheery-birds
she has three colors of paint
but has only used one
maybe so far she’s only figured out her outline?
but she plans to fill it all in at some point?
as she figures out who she is

TARBOT: ooo that’s neat, I like that
it looks like a little kid playing with crayons or something
very childish (not like immature)
but high in imagination content / potential type thing
the “a” and “b” on the wall are interesting

CROE: yeah

TARBOT: she started to learn how to write, but decided painting/drawing was more fun hehe

CROE: haha!


Shaunna Peterson (b. 1973)
Acrylic on Wood, date unknown.

TARBOT: oooh
the more I stare at it the more I appreciate how awesome it is!
so it’s an Elvis impersonator robot?

CROE: lol, i hadn’t really noticed the hair
i guess so. he does appear to be having an elvis effect on the crowd
especially the one on the left with the hearts

TARBOT: indeed
though honestly, if they’re all robots, they probably can sing just as well as Elvis, so not sure why that one is so revered
for better acoustics

CROE: maybe he has the latest sound card

TARBOT: ooohhh
I like the robot with the mohawk and the martini

CROE: why does he have a glass dome over his head
to protect his do?

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Fountain 2

Fountain 2        
James Jean (b. 1979)
Oil on Paper, 2008

CROE: and here we have the final piece of our wing-themed week

TARBOT: w.o.w.
well, first off… what happened to his legs?
seems… biblical somehow

CROE: he appears to be doing ok without them

TARBOT: we don’t really see her eyes either

CROE: but we do see the eye from the skull under the fountain

TARBOT: uh huh
overall I think I like it
it’s got some … interesting details
is the artist saying women are … death? evil ?

CROE: what do you think of the creatures holding up the fountain

TARBOT: slaves?

CROE: other possibilities that occur too
it’s the fountain of youth, and it was an old man that was drinking the water, and he’s turned young
the water is so delicious he feels like he’s floating


CROE: the colors of the background remind me a bit of vomit. which maybe is sort of suggested by the fountain water coming out of the angels mouth

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Fallen Angel, Tell me why

Fallen Angel, Tell Me Why        
Nell Fallcard (b. unknown)
Digital, 2011

TARBOT: yeah, I went for the easy “wings” theme… angels.
but on the up side, I’ve not usually seen chiseled men angels that often
usually it’s a woman, so that’s different :)

CROE: it feels very cobwebby
the way he’s pulling her heart out kinda makes her look like a christmas tree ornament

it seems like there’s a lot of … bloody heart stuff as he’s pulling it out — like, at the top part there
it’s very bizarre
I’d expect more blood all over her dress if there’s that much insides coming out!

CROE: seriously. blood isn’t strandy like that. did he pull out a a bunch of arteries too?
like unraveling a sweater?
thanks for your aorta as well
i’ll need that

TARBOT: he seems to be enjoying it too

CROE: yes

TARBOT: the white wings are deceiving
he LOOKS like a good angel
but jk.

CROE: his left fist is clenched

TARBOT: mmm and he’s got kind of a pissed off look
moral of the story?
never go alone with an angel on mountaintops?

CROE: if a guy asks lots of questions about the health of your heart, he may not just have a kind interest in your well-being. he might be in the market for a new one.

Chicken Wings

Chicken Wings        
Michael Bedard (b. 1949)
Lithograph, 1979

TARBOT: oh my haha
he seems pleased with the operation

CROE: lol!
that he does

TARBOT: it could be that it’s CGI…
and he’s up against a blue screen
only pretending

CROE: you’ve probably seen others by the same guy
they all have a bit of a cgi look to them
but they are from the 70s and 80s
ahead of his time i guess

TARBOT: kinda makes me wanna go EAT chicken
does that make me a terrible person?
looks like Chick Fil A or KFC though
the bright yummy-inducing colors

CROE: maybe you’re in the mood for chicken wings?

The Dragon Without Saint George

The Dragon Without Saint George        
Andrés Nagel (b. 1947)
Cast iron, 1983

CROE: and here it is from the back

CROE: it’s in an industrial park
you can climb up the stairs in the mouth
there is a slide in the tail
and also in at least one wing!

CROE: thank you Lauren P. Forbes for your photo!

TARBOT: oh interesting
looks like two dragons on the left there

CROE: perhaps it is a three-headed dragon
i want to see the business folks in their suits sliding down the slides

TARBOT: haha
I wonder when it became popular for abstract sculptures to be part of corporate complexes

CROE: maybe grownups want playgrounds too
and if it is “art” then it’s ok
but they’d feel silly with a regular jungle gym

TARBOT: kinda dreary if you ask me … gray dragons as a playground?

CROE: dreary is a word that i think describes many office parks well
it’s just fitting in!

TARBOT: hahaha

CROE: well in the tale st. george slays the dragon
what’s more dreary than that?


CROE: although i guess it depends on who you’re rooting for…the dragon or st. george

TARBOT: I’m rooting for the business men and women
work is stressful enough
no need to add fire breathing dragons into the mix

A Love Aquatic

A Love Aquatic

A Love Aquatic        
Sarah L. M. Adler (b. before 1984)
Letterpress, date unknown

it’s like me and my cat’s first meeting
(she’s got huge eyes, too!)

CROE: lol
did you see hearts floating in midair?

TARBOT: so is it … 3 shared hearts, or are two on the fish’s side and only one on the funny looking man’s side
I definitely had a love at first sight moment with her yes
not sure about the floating bit

CROE: the hearts kind of fit, because they could be like air bubbles

TARBOT: oooooh!
maybe this isn’t their first meeting
could be a frequent occurance

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Skot Olsen (b. 1969)
Oil on Board, 2008

CROE: today we begin the ocean theme, per your request

TARBOT: oh holy bajeeeesus.

CROE: that would be a good name for it!

TARBOT: so it looks like the artist has several favorite animals
and he couldn’t choose which to portray
thus combined them all

CROE: i know! the cow belly just cracks me up!
plus i feel like the spout makes it a cutesy bunny rabbit

TARBOT: plus the “arms/hands” that you wouldn’t normally see in a fish

CROE: yeah what are those?

TARBOT: or other sea faring animal
T-rex style

CROE: did they have fingernails?

TARBOT: they didn’t have hands as far as I know
tractor beams from the eyes … very space-agey

CROE: :)
i kinda get a feeling the holy bajeesus whale monster is about to barf on the ship

TARBOT: a-hahahahaha
I can see that

CROE: maybe it finds the ship as revolting as we find the monster

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Cake of Bad Feng Shui

Cake of Bad Feng Shui        
Scott Hove (b. before 1985)
Acrylic and Mixed Media on Polyurethane Foam, 2010

TARBOT: oh good god
“In Mother Russia, you don’t eat cake. Cake eats you!!”

CROE: rawr

TARBOT: that’s a painting?
no it’s a …
3-d cake look a like right?

CROE: some of it is paint
yeah, it’s 3-d. there’s foam involved

TARBOT: this one reminds me of the alien in … Alien

CROE: did you see the mouth within a mouth

TARBOT: yes, um, that’s why the reference to the alien… from Alien

CROE: right
it sold for $3,800


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