Just who are these Fine Art Critics?

Savvy, passionate, insightful, erudite, unpretentious, and fine. Croe* and Tarbot* have completed years of training in the arts, from construction paper to chicken wire. Skilled in a combined seven languages — French, Italian, German, Mandarin, Romanian, Spanish (and English) — these cultural observers approach each piece with respect and informed care. From the masters to kitsch, art of the establishment to the avant-garde, this dynamic duo critiques with a rigor and depth that are as unprece dented as they are unparalleled. Here, they allow their followers a glimpse of their raw commentary, in all its typoed glory. With this site, they have deigned to share their knowledge with the world, one piece of fine art at a time.

… they are pretty damn fine lookin’.
Oh. And then there’s the art.
That’s fine too.

Have a suggestion for our next critique?
Or just wanna say hi?
Email us! [ fineartcritics@gmail.com ]

                         *Names have been changed to protect the snarky.


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