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Nouvelle Pomme Bouche

Nouvelle Pomme Bouche        
Claude Lalanne (b. 1924)
Bronze, 2008.

CROE: in English, new apple mouth

TARBOT: well I’ve heard of apple bottoms…
not sure what an apple mouth is

CROE: lol

TARBOT: it’s somehow a bit meta…
cause mouths eat apples
so for a mouth to be part of an apple
is… strange
is it a photoshopped image or an actual sculpture?

CROE: an actual sculpture, for a change
out of bronze

TARBOT: why work in that medium

CROE: it’s like gold, but less expensive
i must say the idea of biting into a metal apple is not very appetizing
my teeth hurt just thinking about it

TARBOT: oooh! you’re right
I just tried it, too!
thinking about it
not … actually biting into a metal apple

CROE: kissing a metal mouth…also not such a fun thought…even if it were made of gold
hmm, golden apples sound familiar

TARBOT: “Romanian: Prâslea the Brave and the Golden Apples, Romanian, where the thief is not a bird but a zmeu
“It likes beautiful young girls, whom it kidnaps, usually for the purpose of marrying them.”
what a noble creature…. lol


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