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Contest of Champions II

Contest of Champions II        
Edward Del Rosario (b. 1970)
Oil on linen on board, 2007.

CROE: this is bizarre
the rug? the ref in an argyle sweater? the blue background kinda makes it look like they are all floating in space
they really could wear shoes better suited to this type of activity

TARBOT: “what kind of dinner party IS this?!?” haha

CROE: and does the devil-woman with horns have a double?
or maybe there are three? because the legs over on the right are wearing the same shoes…

TARBOT: well maybe they’re all red shoes but with slight differences
visible only to shoe connoisseurs

CROE: they do look a bit different, but i thought maybe the artist was just sloppy

TARBOT: oh but the woman on the left also has horns
they have to be different though, cause the one in the middle has ruffles on the bottom of her dress
not sure what the human/dragon thing is all about
he’s got horns too

CROE: yeah
kinda looks more like a costume than an actual dragon

TARBOT: cheerleading team? mascot?

CROE: he does look the most engaged

TARBOT: I wonder what they’re fighting about
of what? heh

CROE: and what about contest of champions I?
as far as i can tell, it doesn’t exist


CROE: though maybe the woman with the sling on the left, and the dead/passed out one on the right were the first contest

TARBOT: it’s possible
here’s more of his work
some … interesting… things
going on

CROE: i don’t think i’d like him very much

why’s that?

CROE: his work all seems kinda cold
the hair twister is cool
read the artist’s statement
his drawings are non-linear narratives that dramatize liaisons between the progeny of cultural clashes. The progeny, forming different teams or factions, move about their world, engaging each other as they vie for power. The liaisons are violent or benign, supernatural or mundane, absurd or sublime. The resolutions of each liaison serve as a starting point for the next encounter.
he certainly has a distinctive style
here’s another artist statement
For the past eight years I have been using painting to explore a narrative that deals with power struggles and the aftermath of a post post-colonial world. My paintings, oil on linen and painted on an easel, consist of a cast of characters staged on flat color backgrounds. The cast of characters is numerous but finite and the compositions and backgrounds vary from painting to painting. The compositions are snapshots of characters engaged in some ambiguous comedic or dramatic scene drawn from the narrative. The scenes often redefine the narrative, and over the years, have modified and transformed it into an organic meta-narrative. – Edward Del Rosario

so he has a happy home life it sounds like!

CROE: what is an organic meta-narrative?

TARBOT: a narrative about narratives that comes about without the use of technology or modern influences?
perhaps for example he doesn’t use photoshop
and he likes to paint “obvious” things like people dressed up at a dinner party are basically all fighting with each other
vying for power
“my red shoes are better than yours!!!”
as it were
which could explain why only the women are fighting in that particular painting
as opposed to the men

CROE: i feel like if they just took off their heels, they would make decent weapons



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