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Self Portrait

Self Portrait        
Shaun Tan (b. 1974)
Oil, ~2003.

TARBOT: that’s pretty cool
I like meta-stuff
wondering what all the birds are about
bird lover maybe?

CROE: maybe. it seems like pigeons or sparrows would be more likely on a city street
but i prefer the revision of reality to bright orange cheery-birds
she has three colors of paint
but has only used one
maybe so far she’s only figured out her outline?
but she plans to fill it all in at some point?
as she figures out who she is

TARBOT: ooo that’s neat, I like that
it looks like a little kid playing with crayons or something
very childish (not like immature)
but high in imagination content / potential type thing
the “a” and “b” on the wall are interesting

CROE: yeah

TARBOT: she started to learn how to write, but decided painting/drawing was more fun hehe

CROE: haha!


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