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Can Not Prevent It, But There Is No Need To Prevent It         
Ryohei Hase (b. ~1982)
Digital, April 2007.

CROE: i feel like there needs to be an accompanying sound effect

TARBOT: what kind were you thinking?

CROE: well zap doesn’t seem to quite cut it
since it’s a rain storm, lightning seems like the obvious culprit
but i think lightning leaves more of charred mess.
this looks more like an alien space weapon
maybe they use the rainstorm as cover!

I was seeing it more as — either of two options:
1 – this woman lives in a desolate place
and feels like she’s about to burst into flames
just to feel some life

CROE: oooh i like number 1

TARBOT: or 2 –
the world is fine, but she’s not and feels like death is the best alternative
so she’s dying as the other people are going about their daily lives

CROE: ah, so she’s chosen to explode!
points for creativity!

TARBOT: spontaneous human combustion
it’s been known to occur
don’t let the “hearsay” bit fool you

CROE: i like all the details on her outfit, like her shoes! and the ruffles on the umbrella

TARBOT: I can barely make out her shoes

CROE: haha! i think my imagination was adding a lot to her shoes

“Can not prevent it, but there is no need to prevent it”
what do you think “it” is?

CROE: i don’t know!
i wondered if it was a mistranslation from the japanese?
well i mean, it could go with the lightning strike
but she didn’t mind
it combines our theories

TARBOT: I think you can make out part of her face
the lower half
she doesn’t seem to be screaming out in agony or anything like that :)

CROE: i think the way shes standing, purposefully
rather than walking
gives support to your hypothesis
either that, or she knew the aliens were coming


2 responses to “CNPI,BTINNTPI

  1. Anonymous ⋅

    This art looks so cool! How do you guys find your stuff?

  2. Tarbot ⋅


    Not sure what Croe does, but I use the Google Image search for random phrases I come up with and click around until I find something that makes me go “… whoa.”

    Some weeks we also have themes we look for (last week it was “wings”) and we also take suggestions from readers that email us.

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