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Shaunna Peterson (b. 1973)
Acrylic on Wood, date unknown.

TARBOT: oooh
the more I stare at it the more I appreciate how awesome it is!
so it’s an Elvis impersonator robot?

CROE: lol, i hadn’t really noticed the hair
i guess so. he does appear to be having an elvis effect on the crowd
especially the one on the left with the hearts

TARBOT: indeed
though honestly, if they’re all robots, they probably can sing just as well as Elvis, so not sure why that one is so revered
for better acoustics

CROE: maybe he has the latest sound card

TARBOT: ooohhh
I like the robot with the mohawk and the martini

CROE: why does he have a glass dome over his head
to protect his do?

TARBOT: I guess those are more robots in the background

CROE: at first i thought they were a skyline
you know, i never thought that a sky that was green would be that pretty
but i like it
in that interstellar space sort of way

TARBOT: yeah
well all the details and lines and shading make it enjoyable to look at

CROE: and the circular shape, there’s a bit of a portal window effect

thought of it like the sun
or moon I mean

CROE: oh, i meant the shape of the painting

yeah I was wondering about the two indents
as in, why?

CROE: i know!
it’s on wood
so maybe it was a piece of wood that already existed like that?

old school mic, too

CROE: that fits with elvis too
and the shapes of the robots are kind of what they were imagined to look like a while bck

TARBOT: oh yeah! you’re right
very 1950s robots
very Futurama, too
lots of movement

CROE: yeah, i think the music helps with the movement part

TARBOT: I like how musical notes are coming out of mouth heh


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