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Fountain 2

Fountain 2        
James Jean (b. 1979)
Oil on Paper, 2008

CROE: and here we have the final piece of our wing-themed week

TARBOT: w.o.w.
well, first off… what happened to his legs?
seems… biblical somehow

CROE: he appears to be doing ok without them

TARBOT: we don’t really see her eyes either

CROE: but we do see the eye from the skull under the fountain

TARBOT: uh huh
overall I think I like it
it’s got some … interesting details
is the artist saying women are … death? evil ?

CROE: what do you think of the creatures holding up the fountain

TARBOT: slaves?

CROE: other possibilities that occur too
it’s the fountain of youth, and it was an old man that was drinking the water, and he’s turned young
the water is so delicious he feels like he’s floating


CROE: the colors of the background remind me a bit of vomit. which maybe is sort of suggested by the fountain water coming out of the angels mouth

TARBOT: oh lol
didn’t see the vomit
more like… maybe a forest or something
with the waterfall in the distance
but it’s kinda blurry cause the kid is having a good time and so the environment, time, it all slips away from him

CROE: yeah

TARBOT: at first I thought that thing that’s wrapping around the woman’s body was a snake
but … it may just be a vine of some sort?

CROE: it look like it could be either
below the fountain it also looks like a serpent turns into a tree trunk
turns into the cabbage heads holding up the fountain

TARBOT: mmmhmm
also looks like she only has one wing?
but like we mentioned, the artist likes to take anatomical liberties


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