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Gothic Victorian Taxidermy Bat Wing 24K Gilt Skull Necklace        
Loved to Death (created ~2008)
Taxidermy jewelry, 24k gilt, 2010.

TARBOT: the necklace…
which is, btw, made out of real bat wings

CROE: oh. my. god.
loved to death, eh

TARBOT: I’d be afraid the ghost of christmas bat would come haunt me while I was sleeping
overall it’s pretty well executed
or so it seems anyway
I wonder what “treated” means
ooooh, you think she kills the bats for her creations?
or just finds dead ones ?

CROE: i dunno…
maybe she turns her enemies into bats
and THEN kills them

TARBOT: if I were a bat enthusiast, I could see myself purchasing it. it does look well made… expensive
and it sold, so someone did buy it

CROE: uh huh
i wonder what they have planned for their necklace “treated for durability”


CROE: the bat skull is real too i take it?

TARBOT: oh hmmm I dunno
that just upped its creepy factor by 5 though

CROE: it’s a 24K gold gilt bat skull

TARBOT: oh so it is.
* shudder *
their “about us
ok so it looks like they’re more interested in preserving animal parts…
rather than killing animals for their own gain
that’s always a plus

CROE: right. says they want the animal to live on after its death
hmm, so after you die, do you want to become a piece of jewelry?
because if so, you may wish to inform your relatives
i’m not sure they would guess that those were your wishes

TARBOT: hahaha

CROE: i think i found the earrings
Black Muskrat Mandible Earrings 24K Gilded Teeth

TARBOT: oh nice

CROE: i wonder if they can be used as a back-up denture or something

some bling bling

CROE: your steak knife isn’t sharp enough
you just grab your muskrat mandible earring
slice slice

TARBOT: heehee

CROE: it would be especially fitting if your entree were muskrat



2 responses to “GVTBW24KGSN

  1. CL ⋅

    When I pass away, I definitely want some relative to wear my gilded skull on a necklace like flava flav.

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