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Fallen Angel, Tell me why

Fallen Angel, Tell Me Why        
Nell Fallcard (b. unknown)
Digital, 2011

TARBOT: yeah, I went for the easy “wings” theme… angels.
but on the up side, I’ve not usually seen chiseled men angels that often
usually it’s a woman, so that’s different :)

CROE: it feels very cobwebby
the way he’s pulling her heart out kinda makes her look like a christmas tree ornament

it seems like there’s a lot of … bloody heart stuff as he’s pulling it out — like, at the top part there
it’s very bizarre
I’d expect more blood all over her dress if there’s that much insides coming out!

CROE: seriously. blood isn’t strandy like that. did he pull out a a bunch of arteries too?
like unraveling a sweater?
thanks for your aorta as well
i’ll need that

TARBOT: he seems to be enjoying it too

CROE: yes

TARBOT: the white wings are deceiving
he LOOKS like a good angel
but jk.

CROE: his left fist is clenched

TARBOT: mmm and he’s got kind of a pissed off look
moral of the story?
never go alone with an angel on mountaintops?

CROE: if a guy asks lots of questions about the health of your heart, he may not just have a kind interest in your well-being. he might be in the market for a new one.


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