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Chicken Wings

Chicken Wings        
Michael Bedard (b. 1949)
Lithograph, 1979

TARBOT: oh my haha
he seems pleased with the operation

CROE: lol!
that he does

TARBOT: it could be that it’s CGI…
and he’s up against a blue screen
only pretending

CROE: you’ve probably seen others by the same guy
they all have a bit of a cgi look to them
but they are from the 70s and 80s
ahead of his time i guess

TARBOT: kinda makes me wanna go EAT chicken
does that make me a terrible person?
looks like Chick Fil A or KFC though
the bright yummy-inducing colors

CROE: maybe you’re in the mood for chicken wings?


2 responses to “Chicken Wings

  1. What I want to know is whether those are his legs or part of the plane.

    • Croe ⋅

      The legs would make for some fun landing gear! I kind of hope they’ll adopt something similar for commercial aircraft :)

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