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The Dragon Without Saint George

The Dragon Without Saint George        
Andrés Nagel (b. 1947)
Cast iron, 1983

CROE: and here it is from the back

CROE: it’s in an industrial park
you can climb up the stairs in the mouth
there is a slide in the tail
and also in at least one wing!

CROE: thank you Lauren P. Forbes for your photo!

TARBOT: oh interesting
looks like two dragons on the left there

CROE: perhaps it is a three-headed dragon
i want to see the business folks in their suits sliding down the slides

TARBOT: haha
I wonder when it became popular for abstract sculptures to be part of corporate complexes

CROE: maybe grownups want playgrounds too
and if it is “art” then it’s ok
but they’d feel silly with a regular jungle gym

TARBOT: kinda dreary if you ask me … gray dragons as a playground?

CROE: dreary is a word that i think describes many office parks well
it’s just fitting in!

TARBOT: hahaha

CROE: well in the tale st. george slays the dragon
what’s more dreary than that?


CROE: although i guess it depends on who you’re rooting for…the dragon or st. george

TARBOT: I’m rooting for the business men and women
work is stressful enough
no need to add fire breathing dragons into the mix


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