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A Love Aquatic

A Love Aquatic

A Love Aquatic        
Sarah L. M. Adler (b. before 1984)
Letterpress, date unknown

it’s like me and my cat’s first meeting
(she’s got huge eyes, too!)

CROE: lol
did you see hearts floating in midair?

TARBOT: so is it … 3 shared hearts, or are two on the fish’s side and only one on the funny looking man’s side
I definitely had a love at first sight moment with her yes
not sure about the floating bit

CROE: the hearts kind of fit, because they could be like air bubbles

TARBOT: oooooh!
maybe this isn’t their first meeting
could be a frequent occurance

CROE: their regular wednesday trist
they discretely steal away from their everyday lives
for a romantic moment with their love from the other world

TARBOT: exactly
only… the man has some bad news

CROE: gasp

TARBOT: and he’s trying to figure out how to break it to … um, the fish

CROE: uh oh

TARBOT: well he looks a little sad
in his posture

CROE: the fish does look like he suspects something is up

TARBOT: right
and when you’re in love, well you can pretty much sense your partner’s moods

CROE: is the bad news he’s out of air?

TARBOT: haha
so! sad.

CROE: yet you just laughed!

TARBOT: that’s what humans do, Croe. we laugh in uncomfortable situations to diffuse them …

CROE: the gill operation wasn’t as successful as was hoped?

TARBOT: maybe he could try using the love as air
and that’s Tarbot’s “ugh, did you really go there” cliched statement of the day


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  1. Tania Asnes ⋅

    This blog is thoroughly amusing.

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