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Skot Olsen (b. 1969)
Oil on Board, 2008

CROE: today we begin the ocean theme, per your request

TARBOT: oh holy bajeeeesus.

CROE: that would be a good name for it!

TARBOT: so it looks like the artist has several favorite animals
and he couldn’t choose which to portray
thus combined them all

CROE: i know! the cow belly just cracks me up!
plus i feel like the spout makes it a cutesy bunny rabbit

TARBOT: plus the “arms/hands” that you wouldn’t normally see in a fish

CROE: yeah what are those?

TARBOT: or other sea faring animal
T-rex style

CROE: did they have fingernails?

TARBOT: they didn’t have hands as far as I know
tractor beams from the eyes … very space-agey

CROE: :)
i kinda get a feeling the holy bajeesus whale monster is about to barf on the ship

TARBOT: a-hahahahaha
I can see that

CROE: maybe it finds the ship as revolting as we find the monster

TARBOT: so clearly this is the typical “oh-no-there-are-monsters-at-sea” picture…

CROE: the whale is a right whale

TARBOT: as opposed to a left whale?

CROE: right, as in the right one to kill for the blubber
mr. olsen (no relation to the twins, i presume) also does giant squids
i just noticed the ship has what may be a japanese flag
maybe the artist is making a statement
since the japanese hunt whales, and it’s controversial

TARBOT: ooo, there’s is a giant city by the mountain
skyscrapers galore

CROE: whoah!
i didn’t even see that!
doesn’t the mountain seem ominous
like, yes i’m a volcano. i’m sleeping now.

TARBOT: yeah

CROE: please do not disturb.

TARBOT: hehe

CROE: and the sky is like french mustard yellow
what’s up with that?

TARBOT: yeah
so’s the ocean

CROE: oh one more thing!
the artist
skot olsen
he’s a tattoo artist!

TARBOT: oh interesting… I can see that

CROE: so if you ever want a tattoo
in florida…
he’s your man

yeah, not sure I trust his sense of color


2 responses to “Balaenidae

  1. skot

    In my defense, I wouldn’t normally make a yellow sky, but it was for a show and there was a specific reason for that, I just can’t remember why. The boat is a whaling ship and he’s the monster who destroys whaling ships.

    • C ⋅

      Thank you for taking the time to comment, and for making the art in the first place! We really enjoyed chatting about this piece.

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