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The Bridge

The Bridge        
Inga Nielsen (b. 1983)
Digital, 2008

CROE: two things jump out at me:
we’re pulled forward, into the light in the painting
but the bridge travels in the opposite direction. it doesn’t take us where we want to go
and there are only two spots of color: the red sash, and the yellow lantern

TARBOT: yeah I’m loving the lantern
and how she’s left it behind for the time being

CROE: the detail work in the ivy and vines is spectacular
but how come i see vulvas in so many women’s paintings?
the white waterfall/cave entrance

TARBOT: hahaha
I think you’re projecting
I see nothing of the sort

CROE: it reminds me of the cave in belize
the womb of creation

TARBOT: she’s certainly not well dressed for a day of hiking

CROE: haha
is she gonna swing from the vine tarzan-style?

TARBOT: hmm I see more like she’s holding on to it for safety
maybe this is the first time she’s gone exploring
(it would explain the poor choice of attire)
(though it is a pretty dress!)

CROE: so what about the red sash?
is it just to draw our attention to the woman in the center?
or is there more to it?

TARBOT: I dunno
good question!
and maybe it used to be a bow
otherwise, it’s too long
drags on the ground
gets dirty

CROE: oooooh
that makes sense
it’s come undone!
did she untie it?

TARBOT: and if we’re going with the womb creation theory… could symbolize blood…

CROE: it could
though i thought you weren’t going with that theory
if we had more readers we could do a poll
do you see labia?
or is croe full of shit?

wouldn’t a labia make our blog rated R?
or NSFW?

CROE: don’t disney movies have penises?
i guess not
just possibly sex written in the stars
and the little mermaid has a phallic palace
that may or may not have been intentional, but was however removed in subsequent releases
sometimes i’m sad the internet can debunk such fun rumours
(rumours with a u because i’m saying it with an english accent)



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