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Cake of Bad Feng Shui

Cake of Bad Feng Shui        
Scott Hove (b. before 1985)
Acrylic and Mixed Media on Polyurethane Foam, 2010

TARBOT: oh good god
“In Mother Russia, you don’t eat cake. Cake eats you!!”

CROE: rawr

TARBOT: that’s a painting?
no it’s a …
3-d cake look a like right?

CROE: some of it is paint
yeah, it’s 3-d. there’s foam involved

TARBOT: this one reminds me of the alien in … Alien

CROE: did you see the mouth within a mouth

TARBOT: yes, um, that’s why the reference to the alien… from Alien

CROE: right
it sold for $3,800


CROE: i think the raspberries and cherries look delicious

the two black things… look like horns
the devil
coming out of the cake
who thinks this stuff up?

CROE: it kind of reminds me of an animal head on a wall

TARBOT: yeah my first impulse was to turn the photo
counter clockwise
which I did

TARBOT: and then realized they probably didn’t put it up on their site incorrectly haha

CROE: i kind of want to see a real cake up on a wall, and watch it slide down
and melt off

an ice cream would be BEST for that


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