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Pelt Merchant of Cairo

Pelt Merchant of Cairo        
Jean-Léone Gérôme (b. 1824 – d. 1904)
Oil on Canvas, 1869

CROE: meow?

TARBOT: more like, pimp merchant of cairo.
and his turban is askew… you know something’s shady

CROE: seriously
i bet he does a nice dance while he takes that pelt off
and when you take the helmet on and off for your adoring fans
it’s gonna mess up your turban

TARBOT: heehee

CROE: i like the contrast between his toes on the left, and the tiger’s toes on the right

TARBOT: who needs a tiger pelt in Egypt anyways?
isn’t it pretty warm already?

CROE: that was what i thought
maybe it’s for a rug?
but then why is he wearing it?
to get in touch with his inner caveman?

TARBOT: well, he can’t lay it on the ground – if he were to show it off as a rug… it’d get all dirty

CROE: ooooo
maybe he’s a time-traveller
that would explain the helmet

TARBOT: it would
you know, Jean-Léone did an excellent job with the expression on this man’s face
half boredom, half come-hither

CROE: yeah. and the lighting on his head
the rock wall behind

TARBOT: mmm, really well executed textures all around

CROE: i guess you gotta love textures if you decide to paint fur
and the smooth metal helmet is for contrast?

TARBOT: I kinda want to reach out and touch the pelt!
see if it’s as soft as it looks
as it turns out, the tiger fur and helmet are often standards in this dude’s paintings

CROE: link to more?

TARBOT: well first off, get a load of our esteemed artist’s likeness
his complete works
and daaaaaaaaaaaamn, there are a few
“In 1846 he tried to enter the prestigious Prix de Rome, but failed in the final stage because his figure drawing was inadequate.”
more proof that schools suck
he paints beautifully… really really beautifully
or… paintED. I guess

CROE: yeah
i really like these!

TARBOT: clearly he was inspired by the middle east
there’s a few more european looking vignettes
but for the most part
they’re not as evocative as his other works
like the pimp merchant :)

CROE: yeah you picked a good one


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