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Vladimir Kush (b. before 1968)
Sculpture (metal), date unknown

TARBOT: It’s called “12”
cleverly so

CROE: i could see it on top of a birthday cake

TARBOT: what a depressing party that’d be
why do you think the man that’s bowing is shiny and the other one is not?

CROE: a few possibilities crossed my mind

TARBOT: do tell

CROE: well, it could be the same man, as a shiny, younger, naked man as the number 2
and the same guy, but older, and rougher for the years, as the number 1
or perhaps, a teacher and a disciple?
the shape of the 2 reminds me of someone subservient
what do you think?

TARBOT: oooo interesting on that first take
yeah the first thing that popped into my head was master and apprentice
(jedi master, to be precise)

CROE: i guess the numbers also reinforce the master and apprentice idea. the master being the head, number 1. and 2 being in second place
i like his beard
i guess it’s possible to combine the two possibilities i mentioned earler
the master was once an apprentice
there’s a cycle there
as 2 becomes 1

TARBOT: moving on up
in the world

CROE: the student becomes the master!

TARBOT: and shrinks in height as a result

CROE: there appears to be more proportion stretching going on
the number 2 guy has reaaaally long arms
and back

TARBOT: yeah his upper torso is sooo long, but for the other guy, it’s the legs that are longer

CROE: maybe that’s why he’s wearing a super long jedi robe
number 1 is standing on stilts


CROE: they could be long legs
but we can’t see
or he’s levitating
and doesn’t want us to know


One response to “12

  1. CL ⋅

    It reveals why one is the loneliest number: one is kind of a jerk. He’d have more friends if he were nicer.

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