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The Neverending Search

The Neverending Search, or         
The Unattainable Search For Perfection
David Ho (b. before 1980)
Digital, date unknown (circa 1999-2010)

TARBOT: there’s so much to work with here!
thinking outside the box
catching dreams
frogs to kiss into princes
feeling trapped
the background looks like canvas at the back of a theatre stage

CROE: it does!
the stars and moon also
like they were hung infront of the backdrop

TARBOT: yeah
it’s an interesting mood that the lighting and colors capture, too
not sad, but not happy either

CROE: it does seem like the color scheme could have been inspired by a piece of granite
the gray tones with a touch of gold
the frog on top of the rock is in a yoga pose
i initially said that jokingly
but now i realize the name of the pose is sun salutation


CROE: it’s probably not intentional
i like that the moon is a rock
rather than a circle of light

TARBOT: what do you make of the man? his head can only ever look up …
unless he falls on one side of the box, but then he wouldn’t be able to walk
and unless he used his hands

CROE: his arms certainly seem more useful than his feet
doesn’t seem like he’d get very far
if only the rock were a sphere. then he could roll
but i guess that would make a mess of the frogs

I wonder what he’s searching for.

CROE: there’s a second title
the unattainable search for perfection

TARBOT: ahhh

CROE: perhaps he was cursed, like a prince turned into a frog

TARBOT: only a prince turned into a … few limbs in a square rock?

CROE: at first i thought he was trying to catch stars in his net
but maybe he’s trying to catch frogs
(i did this as a child)

TARBOT: (you had interesting hobbies back then)
why exactly are frogs falling from the sky?

CROE: some sort of plague?

TARBOT: frog plague?
never heard of that

CROE: the second plague of egypt was frogs

TARBOT: I learn something new every day
though I have a sneaking suspicion that I knew that already
and chose to forget it

CROE: the one in the lower right corner looks like he has a bump on his head
what’s on the ground behind cubeman?

TARBOT: looks like just rocks
exciting stuff


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