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Cat’s Meditation

Cat’s Meditation        
Michael Parkes (b. 1944)
Lithography, date unknown (circa 2005-2009)

TARBOT: the two cats remind me of like, good and evil

CROE: it looks like evil is winning

TARBOT: heehee
I dunno, good looks like it’s about to strike

CROE: which one is good? which one is evil?

TARBOT: evil — I guess I was going with the black cat
how stereotypical of me
not sure which cat is meditating, as the title implies
but the woman does look like she’s pondering something

CROE: all of the woman’s hair is in place. except for one strand

TARBOT: yeah, maybe she’s outside
nice breeze going

CROE: is she creating the golden balls? with her mind?

TARBOT: I was wondering about them — thought maybe she does magics.

CROE: yeah
because the top ball is not as bright

TARBOT: maybe they’re the ideas that are “falling” out of her mind, and then she’s trying to decide what to do

CROE: mm

TARBOT: and so the evil and good parts of her are struggling with them

CROE: ooo! i like it!

TARBOT: the background looks surreal, too
so she could be outside, but it looks like she may be in a dream like state too
her right arm looks disproportionate
the bottom part is much longer than it would be normally

CROE: and she has some serious muscles
her biceps are huge

TARBOT: haha
I took them to be just the way the clothes fold around

CROE: ah ok
but the wrong proportions make it look like another vogue photoshop disaster

TARBOT: a what?



CROE: drastic altering of images is so common for models in magazines that there are now blogs devoted to it

TARBOT: apparently it’s spreading to fantasy paintings, too


2 responses to “Cat’s Meditation

  1. CL ⋅

    Maybe those balls are the magical analog of laser pointers — taking something that was only recently the pinnacle of technical (or magical) achievement, and using it to drive cats crazy.

  2. Tarbot ⋅

    Always nice to know that people are constantly looking to improve on cats’ entertainment options!

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