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Gero Tan

Tan Tan Bo Puking – a.k.a. Gero Tan        
Takashi Murakami (b. 1963)
Acrylic on Canvas, May 2011

CROE: ok
so here it is

TARBOT: oh my!!
I can’t decide if I want to eat it
or throw up on it
I do love that blue (sky)
looks like maybe… an alien invasion
like those giant pac-mac lookalikes have just landed
and are shooting laser beam weapons etc
or throwing up ice cream on things

CROE: here’s someone else’s take on it

TARBOT: I’m not sure what “Gero Tan” means, exactly

CROE: i don’t know either. japanese is not one of our combined seven languages

TARBOT: hehe
well it sorta looks like one of those children’s coloring books
and the child just went CRAZY with the colors

CROE: maybe it’s a self portrait of the artist
and it shows what he thinks of his method of creating art
it sort of reminds me of a creation myth story
like, this is how the world began

TARBOT: reminds me of the “execution” one
kinda dali-esque
lol – that’s what the reviewer says too

CROE: so i picked this one because i had no clue what was going on. it just made me want to stare at it, in a perplexed, amused fashion
so i was curious what you thought
but maybe that’s the whole point
to make you say wtf


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