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Execution at Calvary

Execution at Calvary        
Anatoly Fomenko (b. 1945)
Illustration for the novel
The Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov,
circa 1999

TARBOT: whoa
reminiscent of escher
can’t even tell which way I’m supposed to look at it!
also reminds me of the ringworld books
well, I’m only several pages in … through the first book
but it promises to be a good tale

CROE: this artist, anatoly fomenko, is a russian topologist

TARBOT: oooh interesting
those white .. drapey fabric looking things remind me of dali
also like a hand that’s coming out

CROE: yeah
is the hand a deity?

TARBOT: with a rather largely disproportionate thumb

CROE: or an evil slime alien?

TARBOT: I was thinking that myself – it’s possible

CROE: perhaps they are one and the same

TARBOT: the people look like they’re running in fear
or at least cowering
cept for the dude on the bike

CROE: lol!
did not see that

TARBOT: good point! (re: the evil alien deity)
there’s another dude that looks like a… filled in white skeleton right at the bottom center
he’s also different than the rest
and even though I have no idea what’s going on, the ambiguity is quite inspiring
it makes me want to go and write about it — about what this world is, potentially

CROE: i guess this paiting poses more questions than gives answers
what do you think of the flat land/planet

TARBOT: looks like concrete
but that may just be the coloring :)

CROE: like a wall?

TARBOT: it looks like it sorta just ends, too, and then there’s sky
yeah it could be

CROE: the shadows of the boxes (houses?) on the ground
have stars in them

TARBOT: oooh! didn’t notice that
and not all the shadows match the “houses”
looks like paint drips

CROE: huh

TARBOT: I wonder what the symbols stand for

CROE: and there are spotlights on the people

TARBOT: the pi looking one at the bottom
and the Y on the top

CROE: where’s the Y?

TARBOT: on the middle large column
toward the top right

CROE: if you look at the people
in the distance
as they get smaller and smaller
they start to look like Ys

TARBOT: ooooh
I’ve been ooohing alot at this one
good pick!

CROE: ok how’s your russian?
i found the title and description of the painting/drawing
Казнь на Голгофе
“Ала пропустила всех во второй ярус, а вторая кентурия наверх пропустила только тех, кто имел отношение к казни, а затем, быстро маневрируя, рассеяла толпу вокруг всего холма, так что та оказалась между пехотным оцеплением вверху и кавалерийским внизу”

TARBOT: Penalty at Calvary
“Ala missed all the second tier, and the second kenturiya up missed only those who have dealt with the penalty, and then quickly maneuvered to disperse the crowd around the entire hill, so that she was caught between the infantry and cavalry cordon top down”
I’m not THAT good…

CROE: amazing! google translated it the same way for me!
with the aid of more google magic (and confirmation by a dear Russian friend), i’ve learned it’s an illustration for a famous Russian novel, The Master and Margarita, which is “woven around the premise of a visit by the Devil to the fervently atheistic Soviet Union”
the russian text i quoted above is the section of the novel accompanying the illustration
my russian friend says that the correct translation for the title is Execution at Calvary


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