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VictoriAlien Romance

VictoriAlien Romance        
Jimmie Fisher (b. before 1985)
Digital, circa December, 2010

TARBOT: ok here we go

CROE: where is his face?

TARBOT: that is the billion dollar Q
maybe he had a powerful sneeze
could be what’s on her face…

CROE: ewwwwwwwwww

TARBOT: “worst date ever”

CROE: reminds me a bit of alien, the film


CROE: like, either his face could be blown off
or it’s turned into a big mouth

TARBOT: haha

CROE: ready to bite

TARBOT: “gives us a kissssss, precious!”

CROE: ewwwwwww

TARBOT: I bet that the original is floating out there somewhere… so the other question is — why did the artist decide to … alter it in this way?

CROE: perhaps it’s a psa for allergies?
take your claritin. or. else.

TARBOT: hahahahaha
“don’t let this happen to you. claritin.”

CROE: precisely
so, i’m looking at the gentleman’s head again
notice the forehead, it’s higher and further out than it would have been

TARBOT: and whiter than the rest of his skin tone

CROE: i think that’s where i’m getting the pouncing predatory alien vibe


CROE: almost with an edge of teeth

TARBOT: I definitely see it
maybe that’s where part of the artist’s inspiration came from
men are like predatory aliens

CROE: what does her facial expression say to you?

TARBOT: boredom mostly
maybe this kind of thing happens to her alot!

CROE: what’s on her hat?
maybe he’s allergic to whatever that is
it kinda looks like twenty squirrels, all piled up


CROE: or maybe an old shag carpet
lol, did you see the title?
it’s victorialien romance

that was part of my search to find it actually
‘alien romance’

CROE: haha

TARBOT: it started off with ‘fun conceptual future art’
morphed into ‘science fiction romance’ which yielded lots of really bad looking romance novels
and here we are

CROE: haha
well the result is quite good
and could be an inspiration for a romance novel cover

TARBOT: I like the monochrome look to it, as a side note
oh yes, like those re-written classics …
with zombies in them or whatnot

CROE: yeah it’s cool
also, the background appears to be altered as well
it has the appearance of a painting rather than a photograph
although perhaps the ferns in the victorian era were in reality, impressionistic. who can say?

TARBOT: yeah, I’m actually unsure whether the artist altered another original or if this IS the original…?

CROE: maybe the artist is letting us peek inside the woman’s mind, and showing us a fantasy of hers

TARBOT: oooooh

CROE: she is so bored. she’s actually a science fiction fan, and can’t stand these dreadfully boring suitors

TARBOT: and how awesome would it be if they just spontaneously … had their faces explode off?
yeah, I’m sure we’ve all been there ;)
I rather like your interpretation!

CROE: why thank you
i rather like your choice in art!


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