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Luke Chueh (b. 1973)
Acrylic and Ink, 2007

      Conversation ensues…

    CROE: the title is “whitewash”
TARBOT: oh goodness me hahaha
               I didn’t realize bears had light bulbs for hearts
    CROE: me neither!
               but how come there’s not blood on the lightbulb?
TARBOT: good point… the heat must have melted it off
    CROE: lol
TARBOT: caption should read: self-surgery performed by a licensed bear
               surgeon. do not attempt at home.
    CROE: yes.
TARBOT: OR – maybe it was dark in there and so the bear was all like,
               wtf happened to my chest? let me turn on a light… and that’s
               what we’re seeing
    CROE: ohhhhh
TARBOT: so he’s as equally confused as we are

    CROE: hmm that does make sense
               because i was wondering how he could still be alive, if he
               removed his heart
TARBOT: oooohh yeah, good question!
               though we’re assuming bear’s hearts are in the same general
               area as ours?
    CROE: and why is the light still on?
TARBOT: I’m not keen on bear anatomy I must admit
    CROE: i did notice the hole was on the left
TARBOT: who’s the artist?
    CROE: but maybe it’s not. you’re right, we’re making some
               assumptions here
               Luke Chueh
               what do you make of the title?
               so the bear is white – perhaps a polar baer
TARBOT: I’ve been pondering it
               I dunno
    CROE: but the blood has soiled his otherwise pristine exterior
    CROE: but he doesn’t seem perturbed – rather he seems enthralled by
               the light
               and the light is white
               maybe he’s all macbeth’ed on it
               with the skull?
               is that even the right play I’m thinking of?
    CROE: i’m not sure – what do you mean by the skull?
               macbeth is dark so it seems appropriate regardless
TARBOT: haha
               like when he was holding the skull
               and pondering … “to be or not to be?”
    CROE: ohhh
TARBOT: maybe the bear is holding the lightbulb and … I dunno,
               contemplating his existence
    CROE: should he stick the light back in, or keep it out?
TARBOT: right right
    CROE: thereby extinguishing himself
               but if it’s inside, noone can see the light
               but if it’s outside, where it can be seen, then he dies
TARBOT: OMG. I think you’ve hit the very meaning of this piece.
               I’m serious!
    CROE: it was a team effort
TARBOT: the little “light” inside all of us
               “let it shine”
               or whatever that song is
               “this little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine, let it shine, let it
               I looked up the lyrics
    CROE: i had no idea there was so much possibility
TARBOT: a gospel children’s song written by Harry Dixon Loes
               (1895-1965) in about 1920
    CROE: if we didn’t have this conversation i seriously would have looked
               at it for like 10 seconds and moved on
TARBOT: hahahaha
               we exist to enlighten
    CROE: ba dum ching!
TARBOT: but yeah, I def went from “eww gross” to “oooh, neat”
    CROE: oh! i had the title wrong
               it’s inspiration
               (poor formatting on the original site)
               well that just confirms everything we’ve discovered
               apparently souls reside on the left of the body
    CROE: good to know
TARBOT: someone bought that!
               I mean, not that it doesn’t have … artistic value
               but monetary? haha

Luke Chueh (b. 1973)
Acrylic and Ink, 2007

      Conversation continues…

               a follow up to it?
    CROE: so, i don’t exactly understand the left arm being ripped off
               the bear wants to hold the light higher, so more people can see
TARBOT: yeah that’s… confusing too
               not to mention that this bear seems extremely masochistic
               and to return to (one of) your original point(s) … how is the bulb
               being lit?
    CROE: and where did that bulb come from
               did he pick it up from the first bear, once it died?
TARBOT: oh you don’t think it’s one and the same bear?
               I guess it can’t be
               one has a hole
               one doesn’t
    CROE: well
               if he’s a licensced bear surgeon
               as you posited, perhaps he sewed himself up
               that hole did look tricky to sew though
               plus, he would not have his heart
TARBOT: maybe it’s about sacrifice too
               like, hole in my chest, limb removal
               all for the greater good
               of other people seeing the light
    CROE: ahhh
TARBOT: could be we’re looking too much into this
               could be the guy was like, hmmm
               what’s weird to put together?
               oh I know, a bear and a light bulb
               and blood, ’cause that sells


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