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Leonhard Kern (b. 1588 – d. 1662)
Ivory, Schwäbisch Hall, c. 1650

      Conversation ensues…

    CROE: menschenfresserin eh?
TARBOT: that’s … so disturbing
    CROE: that is a large leg
               where tf did you find that
TARBOT: well the … “woman” looks like a man if you look at her face
               so all around, odd.
    CROE: the word is funny it means maneater but feminine
TARBOT: under “cannibal” in the wiki
    CROE: and fressen is to eat, but how an animal eats
               not how a human eats
               there are different verbs in german
TARBOT: oh how
    CROE: essen is for humans
TARBOT: that statue makes funny sense now
    CROE: really? i don’t think so
TARBOT: well she’s a “man eater”
               not necessarily depicting only cannibalism
    CROE: oh!!
TARBOT: haha
    CROE: what do you make of the child?
               like, why include it?
TARBOT: yeah it’s weird that part I dunno
    CROE: to insinuate sex?
TARBOT: maybe to serve as a warning to all little boys
    CROE: that she’s eating the father?
               that she’s ok with boys, but not men?
               i like the warning
               ok, from now on it should be part of sex ed
TARBOT: well… again, “man” … “eater” so she’s not a “boy” … “eater”


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